Balance Your Chakras.

Chakra Readings Can Help Bring Balance To Your Life. Try A Reading Today!

Chakras are the life force energy centres in our body. 
Heal them, and you can heal yourself

You may find a reading beneficial if

  • You're feeling off balance in life
  • You have trouble defining who you are as a person
  • Things need to change, but you have no idea where to start

You may NOT find a reading beneficial if

  • You're looking for someone to tell you what to do
  • You're not willing to take ownership of your life and the decisions you make
  • You're not needing any guidance

What a beautiful experience! Willow was empathetic, accurate, understanding, and professional. I am a Psychic Reader, and over the years I have not allowed many others to do readings for me. I trust Willow, her guidance, and insight. My Reading was accurate, well organized, and provided me with the clarity that I needed. She is a true gem! I would recommend her services to anyone who wants a true Psychic Empath to help guide them. A reading with Willow is like having a good talk with your best girlfriend. I felt comfortable opening up to her. Definitely recommend!

Kate Francis

I had a great reading with Willow. She was very easy to talk with and she was incredibly talented. I felt lighter after the reading and more focused on my journey. I wouldn’t hesitate to do another reading with her.

Caren Batchelor

Services Offered

Tarot & Oracle



/ 20 min

The Tarot and Oracle Reading is a powerful way to receive guidance and answers from the universe...




/ 60 min

The perfect way to balance your chakras and achieve ultimate peace and tranquility.

Can chakra readings replace therapy?

Nope. Definitely not!
While chakra readings can help reveal blind spots and aspects of your life you didn't realize were affecting you, they cannot replace working with a trained therapist.

If you are currently in therapy, I strongly recommend that you continue and let your therapist know that you're also pursuing chakra readings. I only suggest this because these readings may bring up emotions and experiences you may want to discuss with a trained professional.

If you're in search for professional therapy, please click here for more information


My reading with Willow was so enlightening. She validated a lot of my current feelings and issues as well as gave me some things to work on using her intuition and insight. Currently working on grounding my root Chakra! I would definitely get a reading from Willow again.

Krista Ashford

Being able to have a chakra reading from Willow was both enlightening and informative. Using beautiful crystals and stones helped Willow focus her inner eye and she saw things in each of my chakras that was very interesting when she explained them to me and our conversation led to other insights too. It was calming as well! Thanks so much, Willow. I recommend getting a chakra reading to learn more about the inner you.

Michelle Decoff

Willow was very warm and easy to talk to, and she certainly provided me with some intriguing and accurate information and, in turn, some unique perspectives to consider. I would definitely recommend Willow for chakra reading!

Lindsay M

For someone working in an essential service, burning out as the days worse on, this service became more useful and eye opening than I’d expected… and proved more needed than I’d imagined. Willow’s warmth and casual approach made this newbie feel at ease and comforted.
Do yourself a favour and book in, you may not even know that you need it.

Venessa Downing

I do not believe I stumbled upon this reading by chance, I was meant to see her post! It was just what I needed for a pick me up! She knows how to make you smile and her guidance igniting more that day then she knows. If you need a little guidance or a warm smile, you book a reading. She was bang on and her delivery was very calming for me. Thank you for offering this service and I know anyone could benefit from your passion and gift. Thank you for the pick me up, guidance and igniting me on a great path.

Jennifer McNutt

Willow is a wonderfully intuitive person with a buoyant personality who saw me fully. It was helpful to receive assessments from both practical and mysterious perspectives. Recommended!

Lisa Patterson

Want to learn more about the Chakras?
About Willow

She has a Social Work background working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities for 18 years. After going through a period of burnout, Willow turned to different avenues that helped her get back her happy balance in life. Yoga, meditation, reiki, and veganism are some of the things that helped her find her balance again. She believes that anyone feeling lost and ungrounded can reach a better place by finding themselves within. Willow is a clairvoyant empath who believes in the power of balance. She believes that we have the tools needed to live the life we choose; we need to learn to use them.

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